Vocalist and composer, Natasha Lohan, has created a site-specific album – a soundwalk through Nunhead in southeast London. The Nunhead Album invites you to tune in to the aural characters of this London suburb as imagined by one listener.


I walked these familiar streets, listening,

returning again and again, carving

out my route, singing

into its resonant spaces, and found

through hearing, the space I inhabit.

We are parts of our environment,

not in it.


Download the app to begin the soundwalk. 

Starting under the railway bridge on Evelina Road, walk through 5 circles of audio as you journey up Tappesfield Rd, through the cemetery to the Laura Stearns Mausoleum.

How To

Load The Nunhead Album and begin your soundwalk, using the locative audio app SonicMaps, available for both Android and iPhone devices.

  • Download the SonicMaps app to your phone, using the links provided
  • Launch the app and select Browse to open the projects page on the SonicMaps website
  • Copy the link for The Nunhead Album project
  • Paste the link into the app and load the files  (If connected to WiFi, choose WiFi Preload to store the files locally and avoid using your mobile data on the walk)
  • Project Loaded!
  • Grab your headphones and go to the starting point – under the railway bridge on Evelina Road
  • Walk into each successive circle and listen
  • If in need of further help, please use the contact page to leave a message


Download the App
Instructional Video


All tracks composed and produced by Natasha Lohan from field recordings made using a Tascam DR-40 and contact microphones designed by Jez Riley French

Website designed by Natasha Lohan and built by Nadeem Rashid

SoundMaps app designed by Ignacio Pecino (www.sonicmaps.org)


Much love and thanks go to –

Dominic Murcott for his care and advice at the final mix stage

Alexa Reid for the beautiful route map and typography for the site and trailer

Berni Vent for his technical support in translating those images for use here

Tom Hashemi and Chris Mitchell for valiant attempts at demystifying web design

The Nunhead Art Trail for including the soundwalk in their annual festival celebrating local artists

Aoife Casby, Emma Lohan and Laura Vent for good times and timely creative reponses


The Nunhead Album is dedicated to Brian and Cian, with whom all things are possible xx